Bill 24 Modernizes Societies Legislation

Bill 24-2015, the Societies Act, has been given First Reading in the Legislature. This Bill repeals the current Society Act, enacted in 1977, replacing it with something akin to a scaled back and simplified version of the BC Business Corporations Act. Local governments may interact with incorporated societies in a number of ways, including as providers of funding or facilities, or as stakeholders with representatives appointed to society boards of directors. As such, local governments should be aware of some of the impending changes to the legislation governing societies.

The Province’s 2014 White Paper gives some insight into the motivation behind the changes in the proposed Societies Act: (more…)

Upcoming Presentation – Privacy Issues in Pandemic Planning

On Thursday, April 30, 2015 Susan Beach will be speaking about Privacy Issues in Pandemic Planning at a joint meeting of the Health Law Section and Freedom of Information & Privacy Law Section of the Canadian Bar Association – BC Branch, to be held in Vancouver at the law offices of Harper Grey LLP.

Case Law Update – Bradshaw v. Victoria (City)

In an October 2013 post, we reported on the Supreme Court of British Columbia decision in Bradshaw v. Victoria (City). In reasons for judgment released January 7, 2015, the Court of Appeal dismissed Mr. Bradshaw’s appeal and for the most part approved the reasons of the chambers judge. For the facts of the case, please refer to our earlier post.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the Court of Appeal found that the City’s consultation respecting the proposed Official Community Plan was reasonable. While the OCP’s development permit requirements were expanded late in the consultation process, and while there was less opportunity for consultation about the amended provisions than in relation to the OCP as a whole, the Court of Appeal concluded that this was part and parcel of the consultation process, since it is to be expected that proposed legislation will change as a result of the consultation process. (more…)

Bill 27 – A New Liquor Control and Licensing Act

The ongoing changes to British Columbia’s liquor laws are continuing with the introduction in the Legislature of Bill 27 – the “Liquor Control and Licensing Act” – which if passed will replace the current statute of the same name. (more…)

Building Act Receives Royal Assent

As an update to our March 9 post about Bill 3, we note that the Building Act received Royal Assent on March 25, 2015.

Bill 19 – Small Claims Court Goes Digital with the Civil Resolution Tribunal Act

In recent years, the Provincial Court has been seeking solutions to deal with the challenge of a high volume of court actions and an increasing number of self-represented litigants. The legislature seems to think the solution lies in creating alternate streams of dispute resolution procedures outside the formal court system. In May of 2012 the Province passed Bill 44, the Civil Resolution Tribunal Act. The Act is not yet in force, but is anticipated to become law later this year.   Earlier this week, the legislature introduced some tweaks and changes to the proposed Act with Bill 19. Local governments may find themselves parties to the dispute resolution process under the Act. (more…)

Bill 3 Brings Changes to Building Regulation

The BC Legislature has introduced Bill 3 – 2015, the Building Act (“Bill 3”), and has given it first reading. Bill 3 will effect a number of changes to building regulation in the province. The overarching purpose of the legislation, according the Province’s media release, is to promote consistency in the regulation of building throughout the province. The Province has also referred to its desire to bring BC’s legislation in line with that of other provinces. As discussed in more detail below, there are a number of notable features of Bill 3, including the following: (more…)

SMS Website Changes

You may have noticed a few changes to our website! We hope you like them. (more…)

Upcoming PBLI Presentation

On May 20, Colin Stewart will be lecturing in Vancouver for the Pacific Business and Law Institute on Local Governments and Health and Criminal Regulation.

Upcoming Capilano University Presentation

On March 27, Colin Stewart will be lecturing in North Vancouver on Conflict of Interest and Bias for the Capilano University diploma program in local government law.