SMS Website Changes

You may have noticed a few changes to our website! We hope you like them.

We have always been committed to providing our clients with timely information about changes in local government and employment law. After many years and 87 issues, we have decided that it is time to say farewell to our flagship newsletter, LoGo Notebook. While LoGo Notebook has served our clients well, in today’s age of social media and instant communication, a quarterly newsletter is well on the road to becoming as antiquated as quill and parchment. Instead, we will be posting regular updates on developments in case law and changes in legislation as they occur, as well as announcements about the firm and what we’re up to. Our newsletter articles and bulletins from 2011 forward are still available on the website as “posts”.

If you are on our email subscription list, we will continue to send you a notice when we post an article about a significant change in the law. For regular alerts about posts that are informative and of general interest please feel free to follow us on Twitter. Or check our website from time to time.

We welcome any comments or feedback you may have.