Stewart McDannold Stuart
Client Bulletin
August 2021
Laying the Groundwork for Building Inspectors: Clarification from the British Columbia Court of Appeal on Soil Densification Activities and the Expiration of Building Permits

On June 9, 2021, the British Columbia Court of Appeal released reasons for judgment in Yu v. Richmond (City), 2021 BCCA 226. In this court action the City of Richmond (the “City”) appealed a judicial review decision of the Supreme Court of British Columbia in which it was held that pre-building soil densification measures that were undertaken on two properties in Richmond, British Columbia constituted construction within the meaning of the City of Richmond Building  Regulation Bylaw No. 7230 (the “Building Bylaw”).

This decision will be of interest to local governments and building inspectors in British Columbia, as well as building inspectors in other Canadian jurisdictions, as an indication of how courts will assess what constitutes a construction activity within the meaning of a building bylaw. (more…)